Bleachers for shows and events

Bleachers can be fixed, mobile or modular. Therefore, they are extremely useful, because they fit in many spaces. They are ideal for arranging a perimeter for events that require the presence of a group of spectators – theatre shows, sports events, concerts, cinema events or other. The audience is an essential factor in any type of show. The way it is organized and placed defines the structure of the tiers of seats which, aesthetically, can be different from project to project, depending on the proposed concept.

The set designer is the one who creates the project and decides how they want to use these possibilities – their vision guides the whole process. Therefore, by using various techniques, a classic amphitheater-type or an atypical, multifunctional, contemporary one (with isolated sections or unique delimitations) can be created.

  • What are the factors you need to consider?
  • Visibility – Visibility is important, regardless of the size of the bleaches. The project has to be made taking into account that all spectators must see what is happening on stage. The viewing angle needs to be optimal for everyone;
  • Height – The height can be adjusted depending on the total number of seats and other requirements of the space;
  • Functionality – If the scenography requires certain changes or modifications in real time, functionality is essential for moving the elements in the desired way. In this case, the steps can have swivel wheels and brake wheels, for fixing and for gaining stability after changing the scenery;
  • Design and structure – You don’t have to choose only classic options – you can change the structure of the steps, creating an original and personalized artistic concept;
  • Material – Consider the characteristics of the space. For example, in an outdoor perimeter, you must take into account the weather (wind, rain, snow, etc.) and the unevenness of the ground. 

Metal bleachers - Sturdy and malleable structures

The bleachers can be located in a multitude of spaces - in a performance hall, in the park, on a football field, in a hall or wherever you want. To find the right solution, you need to consider a number of useful factors. You can opt for a bleacher with a retractable mechanism, especially in the case of small areas, which do not require more than 50-70 seats. But if your project is larger, the steps must be designed and made in a modular way, so that they can be easily transported. Assembly and disassembly procedures do not have to be complicated and time consuming - that is why all these things need to be taken into account when creating the concept.

  • How to build a bleacher?

The set designer is the one who proposes the plan, and the team of experts takes over these ideas and elaborates the construction stages. Structural engineers are those who carefully study all the requirements, in order to be able to check all the necessary details. Then, the project is sent to the experts who will work on the concrete realization of the product - welders, mechanical locksmiths, carpenters, etc. Various materials can be used, but for the most part, rectangular steel pipes with a square section are being chosen, and, afterwards, they can be covered with triple layered wood, TEGO, OSB or OSPLY, with a non-slip finish.

  • How long does it take to build a bleacher?

The time period needed for building it depends on several factors - but, in general, the realization of a bleacher can take between one month and 3 months. In order to set a deadline, the proposed project is consulted, taking into account the customer’s preferences and requests – then, an approximate period is estimated for the implementation of all production stages.

Choose mobile bleachers and create a multifunctional space!

For creating a modular space, mobile bleachers are a great option. Their size can vary, and the design can use several types of structures (one-sided, two-sided, arena, etc.). Especially if the sections will be handled later in different ways, their resistance is essential – the assembly must be solid and secure, so that it can be moved at will, without difficulty. Therefore, if you have a space that changes frequently, hosting various kinds of events, this is the best option.

The ALTAX team has a lot of experience in this field and can support you in the execution of any scenographic project, regardless of the level of complexity. Whether you want to set up a theater hall or you want to create a space for other types of performances, first of all, you have to think about what kind of features you want, and ALTAX will help you to materialize all your ideas!

circular BLEACHERS - round - top perspective

circular round steps - top perspective


circular round steps - top perspective

Circular Bleachers - round - front perspective

Circular round steps - front perspective

circular Bleachers - round - project in progress

circular round steps - project in progress

square Bleachers - lateral perspective

square steps - lateral perspective