Hand Props for Theater, Movies and Events!

The hand props are very important in any kind of production, whether in movies or theater shows, in events or in TV studios. They have the role of completing the aesthetic ensemble, creating a unitary atmosphere, according to the vision of the one who came up with the idea of the project. It includes small or medium-sized objects, which complete the decor in its entirety – bottles, glasses, consumables, decorations – being used by the actors or by the protagonists of the event. In developing these details, the safety of those who use them must be taken into account – to be stage-safe, they are made of unbreakable plastic, ecological resins, sponge, polyurethane, polystyrene, breakaway glass, transparent silicone or other materials, in order to ensure the safety of all those who come into contact with them.

  • How are hand props created?

Regardless of the aesthetic nature of the hand props, the first step that must be performed is the sketch of the project – it is developed by the set designer. By consulting this overview, the hand props can be placed in space. All of them must be in accordance with each other, both in terms of spatiality and stylistic nuances. Then, after this issue has been resolved and the vision is established by mutual agreement with the members of the artistic team, the project goes to the craftsmen who will work on the actual construction of the props (artists, technicians etc.). The operations used by them will include sculpting, making molds, casting into molds of various special resins or silicones, painting and any other useful processes. Special materials will be used as well, such as acrylic or ecological resins, wood, plastic, but also special techniques, such as papier-mache or others.

  • How can you get hold of such products?
Although there are hand props for rent, this option is not always the best. An important factor is time – there are shows or projects that will take place in the long run and, therefore, renting can be more expensive than the actual construction. Second, in the case of many films, shows or theatrical performances, the props degrade over time, depending on how they are being used – therefore, renting can be a problem from this point of view as well, because, in general, the rented objects must retain their original quality and shape. Thirdly, another advantage for which it is worth creating any kind of props from scratch is the fact that the probability of finding exactly the elements you need, while having the characteristics you want, is quite small. So, if you have decided to let a team of professionals do this job, you need to make a plan in advance, so that artists and technicians will know what to do to get the result you want.

The right hand props for your project!

  • What is the difference between props and hand props?
Most of the time, the hand props are used in the theatrical field, and props are specific to the cinematographic field. However, they may sometimes intersect, especially if the project team includes artists of several nationalities and, in this case, the generic term used will be the second one, as this is the valid correspondent in English. But both names refer to the constituent elements of the small decor, which are directly involved in the actions of the protagonists.
  • How much does a hand prop cost?
The price can vary depending on the complexity of the demand – the more work it requires, both in terms of time and the people involved, the higher the costs. But to accurately estimate the final price, you need to ask for the help of those with whom you will collaborate on the construction side – they will be able to evaluate your project in terms of materials needed and manufacturing time, and then you will be able to make an idea about this financial aspect.

Pops star shaped trophies gold and copper

props - star-shaped trophies - gold and copper

Props colored ice cream cones

Props colored ice cream cones

Props brass and copper lamp

Props- brass and copper lamp

Props blackberries

props - blackberries 2

Props lamp working on it

props - lamp - working on it

Props - ice cream cone with 2 cups

Props - ice cream cone with 2 cups

props - trophy models - star trophies - gold, silver and copper

props - trophy models - star trophies - gold, silver and copper

Pops - blackberries

props - blackberries