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Altax is a full-service stage design serving its clients since 2000. Altax builds scenography and scenery elements for theatrical and film productions, exhibition spaces, and other events. We build a wide range of scenographic and scenery fabrication such as scenic painting, sculptures, monuments, mould making, stage props, scenery, stage systems, metal structures, stands, panels, installations, revolving stages, landmarks. By an outstanding combination of dedication, innovative solutions and artistry skills, our experienced team pays attention to each client aiming to meet their scenographical challenges.

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Our Profile?

During our activity, Altax company has proved achievements in the scenery and scenographic production. Over the years, we have worked with a lot of art institutions both in Romania and abroad. Each collaborator was happy with our scenery and scenic design provided by us. Our goal is to become a trusted partner in your scenographic productions.

Scenery & Sets for Theatre, Movies and Events

Scenery & Sets for Theatre, Movies and Events

We ensure the perfect execution of your scenery project providing a professional appearance and a compelling visual show.

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Hand Props for Theatre

Hand Props for Theatre

Highly versatile and easy to assemble, we build a large types of stage systems perfectly suited for your performance.

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Staging for Theatre and Movies

Staging for Theatre and Movies

Benefit of eye-catching items by showing us your props sketches. Let’s transform your concept into reality.

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Our team works efficiently to create beautifully finished monuments that embraces your initial idea.

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Decorative Props | 3D Polystyrene Sculptures

Decorative Props | 3D Polystyrene Sculptures

We are eager to listen to your custom scenery fabrication project for building unique products that will put your competitors in the shade.

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Custom Build Stands

Custom Build Stands

Our company executes durable custom build stands being attentive to your specific requirements that will grab your viewer’s attention.

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Who we are?

Our company is specialized in the execution of scenery and scenography production for theater, film, exhibition spaces, and other events. Altax company based in Bucharest was launched in 2000 and over the years it has built over 200 scenographic projects, collaborating with important institutions in Romania and abroad. We take your sketches, models and initial drawings and we build your concept from the ground ensuring a high-quality product.


Altax combines art and geometry, creativity and rigour, flexibility and precision to deliver beautifully crafted scenery and stage items. Altax operates at high standards aiming to provide a personalized, efficient, and qualitative artistic product. Our hard-working team is composed of skilled professionals (painters, sculptors, engineers, ceramists, welders, carpenters) that value each scenographic project. We pay attention to the requirements of each customer and we respect the specificity of each scenery and stage design concept.


We build a large variety of customized elements of scenery and scenography (scenic painting, sculptures, monuments, mould making, stage props, scenery fabrication, stage systems, metal structures, stands, panels, installations, revolving stages, landmarks) using high-quality materials, advanced techniques, and high-performance devices (CNC, laser cutter, plasma cutter) according to the vision of each customer.


Respect for the contractual partners and loyalty to each scenic design project are essential values for Altax. Each customer benefits equally from our professionalism and technical and artistic competence. We rely on commitment, enthusiasm, and expertise in implementing your scenery and stage design concept. The execution of the scenery and scenography production is done on a command basis and is adjustable to your budget.

National and International Collaborations


    • The “I. L. Caragiale” National Theatre of Bucharest

    • Bulandra Theatre Bucharest

    • Metropolis Theatre Bucharest

    • Hungarian Theatre of Cluj

    • Radu Stanca National Theatre of Sibiu

    • The Romanian National Opera, Iași

    • Athens: The Opening Ceremony of the Olympics Games (execution of décor elements)

    • München: Tollwood, “Peter Pan” (scenery)

    • Tokyo: Opera Theatre Konnyakuza

      Luxembourg: Théâtre d’Esch, “Woyzeck” (scenery)

    • Luxembourg: Summer Paralympics (execution of décor elements)

      Sank Petersburg: Baltic House Festival Theatre, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

    • Ljubljana: SNG Drama, “War and peace”

    • Tokyo: Metropolitan Theatre of Tokyo, “Richard III” (scenery)

    • Oslo: Folketeateret Oslo, “The Phantom of the Opera”

    • Oslo: Folketeateret Oslo, “Sound of music”


 Whether we fabricate a miniature town, a castle, baroque furniture, a cave or a set construction that replicates a storm in the middle of the sea, Altax company, well-known for constructing scenery and stage design, contributes to the narrative power of your story through meticulous and imaginative implementation. We construct scenery for theater and film performances, concerts, and other events according to the sketches send by customers.

Stage Systems

We build various stage models with different levels of complexity that suits your performance. Altax team is equipped with advanced technical machinery (CNC, laser cutter, plasma cutter) that constructs fixed stages, movable stages, podiums, platforms, exhibition structures, hanging systems, beams, flat stages, multi-level stages of any size depending on your specific requirements for your scenic design project. Altax’s stage systems are highly durable, containing easily manageable stage kits that can be used both indoor and outdoor. Altax team is ready to take over your concept, ensuring precision and safety in the execution of your stage system project.


Every theater or film performance becomes a magical space where marvellous stories, destinies and adventures come alive in the eyes of the spectators. A successful performance depends on the stage props that represent the auxiliary objects (pieces of furniture, costumes, any movable object handled by the actor during the performance) used on the set of a stage play or film. Depending on the specificity and functionality of the props ordered by the client, Altax builds props of different materials (wood, glass, fibres, light fixtures, etc.). Whether you need the Chekhovian cherry orchard, a hundred-year-old bridge, a brick wall, the architecture of a Gothic cathedral, an installation or a dome, Altax brings your show to life!


Following the sketches offered by the client, Altax company builds, processes, adjusts and adapts any element of the project so that the monument matches the artist’s vision. Regardless of size, form or function, we execute as accurately as possible the model design, conveying the meaning behind it. Think of a grotesque political character or a realistic one, a memorial, an antique sculpture, a postmodernist architectural item or a minimalist object. Altax can build them and can transform your concept into an original construction.

Custom Scenery Fabrication

Do you need quality custom scenery construction? Show us your custom scenery fabrication project. Our goal is to meet the client’s expectations by building custom scenery items that will reinforce your scenographic vision. We take care of every detail, ensuring the uniqueness and significance behind the concept. The nature of our industry requires dedication and skills. That’s why Altax team is committed to fabricating the best custom scenery element from stunning innovations to remarkably realistic elements.

Custom Build Stands

Altax company listens to your project design and builds the most impressive stands exactly according to your requirements. Using the innovative technical solutions and being familiar with the latest trends, our engineers and professional stand builders ensure a reliable, efficient and high-quality product. Altax analyzes your project and fabricates the typology of stand you choose for the construction. Our stand build services contain a wide selection of characteristics for your stand construction. Send us your sketches and let us execute a noticeable and eye-catching product.

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Do you need a unique and functional item for your scenery and set design project? Altax can deliver the best solution to a successful artistic production! Tell us more about your concept and we can make it happen! Let’s make your idea come true!

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