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Diversity and craftsmanship 

Each scenery is different, but our mastership is the same. We trick your spectators by striking scenery elements perfectly executed.

Creativity and eye-catching items

Conventional or non-conventional spaces come to life thanks to our engineers who work with accuracy to realise your gorgeous props design.

Rigour and innovation

We deliver fully functional, efficiently constructed and safe stage systems which guarantee the success of your performance.

Professionalism and inventiveness

We keep up with the innovations in stage décor by building monuments of any size and model that give expressivity to your show.

Artistry and originality

Altax company transforms your stage design concept into reality, giving to your audience a unique visual experience.

Precision and dexterity

Show us your sketches of your project. We ensure an exquisite execution of your idea. Together we create magic for the viewers.

For more projects executed by Altax, view our portfolio.