About us

All works are done upon order and each order is adjusted to the beneficiary’s financial possibilities. Through our stage decors, we bring theatre visions to life and we help materialise the scenographic imagination, while the combination of these elements helps accomplish the ideal artistic vision. During our work, we observe the provisions of all applicable standards in place, for each type of project. The attention that our company pays to fulfilling its commitments, can be seen in the careful selection of our working materials and our technical means, required by the specific functional purpose of each project. It can also be seen in our efforts to insure a high quality for our final products and a rapid execution pace, necessary for meeting our contractual deadlines. During its almost 15 years of experience ALTAX – a privately owned company – has worked with many artistic institutions in Romania and abroad. Among our most important projects done for foreign partner, we can mention scene decor supply for theatres in Germany, Japan, Luxembourg. During our sub-contracting period, we participated in the execution of stage decors and scenery elements for plays enacted in Orange, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, etc. In 2004,vas sub-contractors, we made the vast majority of the main decor elements used during the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics in Athens. Currently, most of our clients are in Romania and, without even trying to list all the theatres that we work with frequently, we can mention: The I.L.Caragiale National Theatre Bucharest, The Hungarian State Theatre, Cluj, the L.S. Bulandra Theatre, Bucharest, the V.Alescandri Theatre, Iasi, the Metropolis Theatre also located in Bucharest, the Iasi National Opera, etc.

At the beginning, there was only a workshop where chairs were being manufactured and interior design services were being provided.

Then, one day, we received an order to supply several stage decor items for the Bregentz Opera House, items needed for the “Of Mice and Men” show.

Our décor items were highly appreciated and thus, we started receiving orders for stage décor elements.

It was difficult at first, everything was new and unknown to us, each material had to be studied and each fitting technique had to be dissected.

We made a commitment to master materials and techniques so that in time we will grow to be a successful company.

We started by sub-contracting scattered elements of stage décor and we ended up executing whole stage sceneries for entire plays.

We tried to make each step count. We started with a small, rented space and now, 14 years later, we proud ourselves with our own workshops, with machines and devices that can make any idea come to life, if they are handled properly.

  In today’s competitional environment, I think that a company owes its success, mainly to the quality of its services and to the quality of its woks.  I deem respect towards contracting partners and devotion to each particular project as fundamental values, that can be distinguished during each of our cooperation. Each of our works and each of our clients benefit equally from our professionalism, needed for the excellent completion and the enactment of their artistic vision. Whether we talk about butaphory or large metallic fixtures, whether we talk about exhibition space or any other type of advertising or entertainment activity, if we pay attention to the purpose of the project, we realise that we can easily reach the desired goal, every single time.  Every director or scenographer have their own ideas on the work needed for the show to be enacted. We receive their point of view in written and under the form of sketches, drawings, technical sheets and even small models…….that’s when our work begins, our field of activity being construction and technical optimisation. Each scene item has to be studied, executed and integrated in the artistic assembly.

All this is done through the collective contribution of an entire team, working to create a whole new world.
The experts’ involvement is vital, since you cannot build a metallic structure without engineers specialised in structure items, you cannot model anything without the contribution of a sculptor, you cannot simulate reality without the contribution of a painter, and you cannot shape the earth without the help of a ceramic artist.
All occupations mingle and the resulting harmony satisfies the eye of the public. An apparently fragile bridge can sustain an army of dancers, a decorated panel can look like an inaccessible, 100 years old wall….
nothing is accidental, nothing is the same.

All works are done upon order and each order is adjusted to the beneficiary’s financial possibilities.